In Miami Gardens, the North Dade Regional Library has an exciting program called "YOUmedia" which is aimed at teaching teens (ages 14-19) how to use technology to tell stories and engage the world around them.   YOUmedia Miami is a place where teens can 

  • Create Podcasts
  • Mix music
  • ​Design Video Games
  • ​Produce Films
  • Read Books
  • ​Explore technology

and more!


The local Library (Model Cities Branch) is a very important landmark in Brownsville. Located at the Joseph Caleb Center, it is the busiest library in the inner cities of Miami-Dade County.  The BCNA encourages every child, parent and guardian to spend some

time at this facility.  This venue is also home to an important voting precinct for the area. With that, we cannot afford to lose this community gem.

Vocational Centers and Adult Education opportunities in the community.

​A list of public elementary, middle and senior high schools in Brownsville and/or Schools that are designated as "feeder" schools for area children.

​A list of VPK vendor daycare facilities in the Brownsville community.

Technology-based credit recovery program for overage middle school students who can pursue an 18 credit career preparation high school diploma.

Area Schools